Saturday, October 24, 2015

Autocad basic commands to configure drawing sheet

     Autocad is the commonly using designing software on all Mechanical Industries.  It is the tool used to draft on computer.  This is the word CAD forms Computer Aided Designing

Now Autocad offering Autodesk software Free for students and educators.

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Now Start Basics:

  • On using Autocad after opening the software drawing page,  We need to configure our drawing sheet.
  • On first step configure our page limits
  • Page limit for A3 sheet is (0,0) & (420,297)
  • By using LIMITS command we can do that.
  • Now we need to configure the units of drawing sheet
  • To do that use UNITS command make units Millimeter and Precision at 0
  • Then do on dimension style which you need from DIMENSION on task bar then click on Dimension style
  • Watch the below video too to learn by visual.
  • For Next step learning click here

Thanks for reading -  By  Udaya prakash

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