Thursday, December 24, 2015

Wired Remote controlled car simple step by step construction

Apparatus required:

1- Connecting Wires,

2- Jumper Wire,

3- Rocker Switch,

4- DC Motor,

5- Wheels,

6- Chassis,

7- Power sources,

8- Box,

9- Insulating tape,

10- Soldering tools.


Buy the required simple apparatus to start making robot.

Take the Rocker switch in the hand and connect the pins in X model.
To control the car in both direction.  Then place the switch in the box slot to make that as a remote.

Make power supply to the switches in the box. Now connect the jumper wires in to that and connect that with DC motor too.

After completing the connections try to work out with that.

Watch this video and get step by step construction of Robot.



We can use this car in many small projects. Watch this video to see how it is working.


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