Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bluetooth controlled car by using Arduino

Apparatus required: 

1 X  Arduino Atmega328

1  X Bluetooth module ( HC-05/HC-06 )

1 X Chassis

4 X  Wheels ( OR ) 2 x Wheels supports to chassis

4 X  Motors ( OR ) 2 x Motors supports to chassis

1 X  L293D IC   ( OR )   H-Bridge

1 X Android mobile with Bluetooth controller app



Step 1:     Here pin configuration is that arduino pin 3 is going to connect with in1 in L293D

Step 2:     Then arduino pin 3 is going to connect with in2 in L293D

Step 3:     Then arduino pin 4 is going to connect with in3 in L293D

Step 4:     Then arduino pin  5 is going to connect with in4 in L293D

Step 5:     Then Arduino pin 6  is going to connect with in5 in L293D

Step 6:     Then connect the bluetooth module HC-05/HC-06  with arduino with below pins

Step 7:     The pin TX in the Bluetooth module to the arduino pin 10 

Step 8:     The pin RX in the Bluetooth module to the Arduino pin 11

Step 9:     Then connect 5V and GND  pins to that Arduino pins

Step 10:     Then upload the program given below to the Arduino board

Step 11:     Download the Android mobile app given below and install it to your Android mobile  OR                     to learn how to develop this android app CLICK HERE

                                 App screen looks like

Step 12:     Then pair HC-05/HC-06   with your mobile 

Step 13:     Then connect the  HC-05/HC-06 with that app.

Step 14:     Then make use of that app to control the car. 




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  1. i have some doubt's...i cant run both the motors only one is running(the left one)in brief
    to turn left: The left dc motor shouldn't rotate and the right motor should move in clockwise direction.
    to turn right: vice versa of left principle.
    to move forward: both motors should move clockwise direction
    to move reverse :vice versa of forward principle.
    I cant complete my movement actions..coz both the motors should work.
    help me thamizha!!