Friday, October 23, 2015

First step to Autocad

     This is the first article of my AutoCAD tutorial. Since I have made tutorials for robotics beginners, then I think, why not I can writing AutoCAD for beginners too? I know that there are many resources like Books, Internet  for learning AutoCAD, but I hope this is still useful.

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About Autocad:

     Autocad is the tool used to draft on computer.  That is the word CAD forms Computer Aided Designing.  Implementing of the CAD is known as CAM.  That is Computer Aided Drafting.

     On most of the manufacturing companies/industries are concentrated on CAD to design their equipments from Computer and then make a real time object by using other mechanical devices.  Now we see how to use CAD.

Step 1:

  • On AutoCAD drawing area. This is where we will drawing our AutoCAD objects.
  • AutoCAD Ribbon. This is where we can access AutoCAD tools and settings.
  • AutoCAD Ribbon has several tabs. Each tab holds AutoCAD tools based on our drawing task. For example, we can use drawing tools and modify tools in home tab. But when we need to add text and dimensions, we need to open the Annotate tab. When we need to insert blocks, we need to move to insert tab.
  • In each tab have several panels. This panels have similar AutoCAD tools inside them.
  • Command Line. We can activate tools and change the tool settings by typing in command line. Command line is also providing information what we should do next.
  • Drafting Settings. While we draw, we need to change some drafting settings. This is where we can change it.
  • The AutoCAD logo. Click it once (do not click it twice, as doing it will end your AutoCAD session).
  • AutoCAD will show you the AutoCAD menu.This is where we can access tools related to applications, such as saving files.

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