Friday, April 8, 2016

Built your own portable charger with IC7805

Built your own portable mobile charger with simple circuit.....

Components required:

     1. LM7805(voltage regulator)

     2.Bread board or PCB

     3.Connecting wires

     4.Solder and soldering paste if in PCB

     5.9V battery

     6.Battery snip

     7. Usb


Step 1: Select the components required

Step 2: Now place 7805 IC into the board

Step 3: Now make power supply of 9v into input pin

Step 4: Now ground the middle pin into 9v battery

Step 5: Then connect the out pin into mobile usb cable

Step 6: Connect with insulating tape

Step 7: Connect your mobile with usb pin

Step 8: It is now charging

Step 9: Watch below video..


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