Tuesday, March 22, 2016

5. Addition of 2 number and implimenting comparators and indicators using Labview

Hi in this article learn how to add two numerical
numbers using labview coding...


Step 1:  Open labview software..

Step 2:  Open blank VI..

Step 3: Use block diagram panel to program

Step 4:  Use Right click to get codes

Step 5: Follow Right click-Numeric-Add

Step 6:  Place the Addition tool where we want

Step 7:  Then Right click at node of input to addition tool

Step 8: Create Control and enter input

Step 9: Now create indicator by using right click at the output node at addition pin

Step 10: Now we are going to use comparison command to use comparison between the two
               Numbers in the function

Step 11: 1st use Greater than command from command bar

Step 12: Next select Less command from command bar...

Step 14: connect each comparison command 1st input with addition out put to compare...

Step 15: Create constant input like (10) for other input in comparators..

Step 16: Use indicator on both comparators...

Step 17: That indicator is like led...

Step 18: Run the program continuously...

Step 19: So program obey the condition

Step 20: Check weather the program is correct or wrong

Step 21: Run continuously if program is correct otherwise check the program

Step 22: Use Front panel to RUN...

Step 23: Enter inputs in the front panel

Step 24:  Now get the results...

Watch video:


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